Among the active ingredients, hydrating, ie moisture-binding, substances are the most important in terms of their cosmetic importance.
The reason is that a reduced content of the skin's own moisture-binding substances is one of the most common symptoms that occur in the course of the skin's aging process.
While an inactive horny layer still has 20% water in the depths up to 40% in the upper area, this content can drop to below 10% in older skin, but also due to hormonal or climatic influences or frequent washing with surfactants .
A dry, dehydrated skin condition leads to feelings of tightness, itching and the result to redness, irritation and even dry eczema.
The first thing to do is to cover the skin's acute need for moisture.
They do this by making a preparation that contains a lot of free water.
A raw material which binds water in the horny layer.
Exactly this point is very important
because without this substance, the water from our self-made cosmetics would evaporate quickly, taking with it the remains of the skin's own water and even leading to even greater dryness.
This is where hyaluronic acid comes into play.
Their principle of action: due to their molecular structure, they can hold water molecules and prevent them from evaporating.
Ultra and low-molecular hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin and binds moisture even in the deeper layers of the skin (epidermis)
High-molecular hyaluronic acid binds a firm on the skin and holds the water there, it also prevents further water from evaporating.
Both types have their justification and can effectively reduce skin dryness.
They have a mutually supportive effect and can therefore be combined well.