I would like to give you five reasons that speak for self-made natural cosmetics

The 1st reason: The production of natural cosmetics touches all the senses. Fragrant plants, oils and hydrolates seduce and stimulate the imagination to design wonderful products. The friends about a new, successful recipe, about the first shiny, fragrant cream is indescribable! In addition to this first personal reason, there are other arguments that underpin the production of natural cosmetics as a wonderful alternative to buying cosmetics.

The second reason is that the ingredients of a self-made care product are manageable in contrast to those of commercially available cosmetic products and you can test each ingredient individually, one by one. In this way, sensitivities can be identified quickly and critical substances can be specifically avoided.

The 3 reason is the ability to respond quickly to individual home needs. Climatic factors such as temperature and humidity, but also individual stress and hormone fluctuations can change our house situation in a short time and make a different care strategy necessary. As a stirrer ourselves, we have a flexibility that no finished product can offer.

The 4th reason: Natural cosmetics made with excellent craftsmanship have a convincing effect. If you choose the ingredients critically and in an informed manner, it is a blessing for skin and hair. It is important to support the skin in terms of self-regulation and to offer it what it needs to cope with its tasks. Good cosmetic raw materials help to bring natural processes back into balance. If you stir yourself, over time you will find that your skin requires less and less care and remains unimpressed in winter.

The 5th reason: The production of natural cosmetics involves an intensive, critical examination of cosmetic ingredients. Even stirrers are generally well-informed customers and know the criteria for high-quality cosmetics that are worth their price in the truest sense of the word. Those who produce cosmetics themselves consume differently.